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Product Description


RUST BE-GONE Acidic Detergent & Rust Remover is a concentrated versatile liquid acidic compound designed to be used by either immersion or “wipe-on” and formulated to remove oil and inorganic soils, at the same time as preparing metal surfaces for painting.


Features and Benefits

  • Removes rust, heat scale, oxides, flux and welding spatter from ferrous metals and zinc coated (galvanised) steel.
  • Inhibited to minimise attack on base ferrous metal.
  • Conditions mild steel surfaces for painting by imparting some of the properties of a phosphate coating.
  • Surfactant System wets out surfaces and assists in penetration of joints and recesses.
  • Provides temporary rust protection to ferrous metal surfaces.
  • Removes oxides (white rust) from aluminium and zinc surfaces.


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