ALLRIG – High Pressure Truck Wash

$260.00 Plus GST

Product Description


ALLRIG – High Pressure Truck Wash is a concentrated biodegradable, water based, high performance detergent, specifically formulated for the exterior cleaning of all vehicle surfaces. It is unique in that it will remove traffic film without the need for physical agitation.


Features and Benefits

  • Biodegradable
  • Does not contain harsh caustic compounds or solvents
  • Free rinsing properties reduces water consumption
  • Added corrosion inhibitors to help protect steel and aluminium
  • Eliminates static build up on paint work helping to reduce subsequent dirt pick-up
  • Suitable for use in hard water areas
  • Safe on all vehicles surfaces including aluminium, steel, galvanised, paint, glass
    and plastic.
  • Classified as non hazardous to the criteria of NOHSC
  • Not classified as dangerous for the purpose of transport and storage
  • Economical


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